Philadelphia Eagles Wide Receiver Riley Cooper Disappoints Franchise with Racist Slur

By Ryan Wenzell
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper has been fined an undisclosed amount of money by the team owner Jeffrey Lurie, GM Howie Roseman, and head coach Chip Kelly for a racist remark made at a Kenny Chesney concert in Philadelphia.

The remark uttered out of his mouth, the N word, is an ugly word toward the African American demographic that should never be uttered by anyone regardless of skin color. As an Eagle, Cooper has to conduct himself as a professional both on and off the football field, and he displayed extremely inappropriate and racially insensitive behavior by uttering the word.

Cooper, who admitted he had one too many to drink that night still should not have put himself in this position. Now the question becomes what should his further punishment be? He has already been fined, but should the team act further and cut him? Will the league hand down a punishment such as a suspension and if so how severe will it be in terms of regular season games?

While Cooper showed a supreme lack of judgement I do not believe the team should cut him. Cooper has no history of off-field behavior or antics such as this. He seemed extremely apologetic and contrite when addressing the media, and with the recent ACL injury to Jeremy Maclin he is actually now an extremely important member of the team as he is in line to start in place of the injured Maclin.

Ultimately, Cooper has to learn from this and never make a mistake like this again. This is strike one for Cooper. Let’s hope he in the future he is in the headlines for the right reasons after a successful 2013 campaign.

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