Riley Cooper Might Not Ever Recover From Racist Comment

By Andrew Fisher
Riley Cooper
Howard Smith – USA TODAY Sports

Before the now infamous video hit the internet, Riley Cooper was just another NFL wide receiver. Of course Philadelphia Eagles and Florida Gators‘ fans were familiar with him, but he certainly wasn’t a household name across the league. That’s all changed now that Cooper was caught on camera using a terrible racial slur.

The root of this whole fiasco is simply the fact that Cooper chose to use such an offensive word. The thought process behind using terms like the n-word is disgusting in itself, but the way Cooper uses it is just terrible. He says it in such a derogatory fashion and sounds so defiant, ‘I’ll fight every ****** here.’ You can’t really sound more like a jackass than that.

On top of the general terribleness that goes along with using that word, Cooper also just comes across as arrogant and unaware of his status. He’s a professional athlete in the most popular sport in this country – he has a responsibility to his team and organization to keep himself in line. Using a word like that brings everyone associated with him down as well. No one wins when people say things like that.

So not only does Cooper come across as a racist, but he also comes across as a moronic racist. If he truly feels a certain way towards African Americans, that’s his choice – but to voice that opinion in public, is just plain foolish.

Riley Cooper has forever changed his perception across the league and it might be to the point where the damage is unrepairable. If you’re an African American, how do you root for this guy? The way he made that comment, it didn’t come across as a guy who was using the word for the first time. It’s very possible that many fans, regardless of race, will never forgive this guy.

The Eagles have fined him and I suppose that’s about all you can do from a football perspective. But from the human side, shame will be his punishment. That’s of course if he truly feels bad about making the comment…


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