When It Comes To Donovan McNabb, "Haters wanna hate, Lovers wanna love"

By Joseph Hickman
Donovan McNabb Philadelphia Eagles
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Haters wanna hate. Lovers wanna love” to quote a great man David Chappelle. When you mention the name of Donovan McNabb in Philadelphia you get plenty of haters and plenty of lovers. That’s just the way it is here and might always be. Some fans just can’t get over the fact that he puked in the Super Bowl, even though he still threw a TD pass on that drive. The play that you should be mad at is the play where he underthrew Brian Westbrook in the end-zone and got picked off. Oh yea, and that fact that he didn’t win a ring.  

Some couldn’t stand that the dude smiled during any situation of a game. Others hated on the way he would hit a receiver right in stride in one play then a few plays later throw 100 mph fastball into the ground. McNabb was flawed and yes,  he seemed to be insecure at times. Of course he doesn’t seem to be insecure these days because he is a regular Skip Bayless now.  For the people that say he wasn’t that good and that he was average at best, I am sorry, but you’re blinded by the inner “hater” in you.

When it comes down to it McNabb was a good quarterback and sometimes great for the Philadelphia Eagles. The guy threw four touchdowns on a broken leg. The 4th and 26. The run against the Washington Redskins early in his career. The 14 second play against Dallas Cowboys. Some might say that Brian Westbrook made him look good, and that all he did was dump the ball off to B-West. Um, McNabb threw for over 37,000 yards and B-West had 3,940 yards receiving in his career. I am not great at math, but…

I truly believe that the Eagles would have won a Super Bowl  in the early 2000s if McNabb wasn’t throwing to the likes of Torrance Small, Charles Johnson, Todd Pinkston, Na Brown and James Thrash. Do I really need to go on?

Listen, I’m really not trying to sway you one way or another. Really, I am not. You can still hate on McNabb or love him all you want. All I am asking is to respect his play on the field. In his press conference on Monday McNabb asked to finally put to rest the booing on draft day and that he was sorry for not bring home a Super Bowl.  If McNabb can finally let his demons go, we should be able to all respect what he did for this franchise and let our demons go as well. He didn’t get that ring, but the guy gave us the best era of Eagles football ever.

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