Why EJ Manuel Will Start Week One For Buffalo Bills

By Matt Ploss
Kevin Hoffman-USA Today Sports

We’re only four days into Buffalo Bills training camp, but EJ Manuel has improved every day so far and is showing no signs of slowing down. Kevin Kolb, on the other hand, is playing the brand of completely underwhelming, mediocre football that he has come to be known for throughout his seven-year career. It really is about time someone thought of a name for that. I know! Let’s call it ‘Kornball.’

So while Kevin on the Kolb continues to shuck along at his usual pace, the younger, more talented, more athletic rookie is making strides on a daily basis. This was always going to be an unconventional quarterback competition, if for no other reason than because both players were starting from square one with the new playbook. And while the Kornballer’s NFL experience may have given him a more favorable ‘point A,’ it’s clear at this point that Kolb truly has no point B. Meanwhile, EJ Manuel has nowhere to go but up.

Through the first few days of camp, EJ’s passes have looked powerful and accurate. Manuel’s biggest area of concern continues to be his decision making, which head coach Doug Marrone addressed in his Wednesday press conference. However, he also acknowledged EJ’s continued progress in that department, saying:

“He’s done a nice job. He has been indecisive at times, there’s still some inconsistency there. You need to remember he’s still a developing quarterback. Today, he made a nice check and was able to throw or make a good decision and get the ball down. You’re seeing good signs about how he’s progressing. And then obviously, as coaches, we are striving for the perfect player.”

Manuel may still be far from the ‘perfect player’ that Bills coaches and fans are looking for, but it shouldn’t be long at all before he at least leapfrogs Kolb. He has already made several more highlight-worthy plays than the Kornballer throughout training camp and continually strives for daily improvement. Combine all that with the fans’ hunger for a franchise quarterback and the fact that Manuel was the only QB taken in the first round this year, and there’s very little reason not to believe that EJ will be the Bills’ week one starter.

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