Chicago Bears Training Camp: A Thinking Man's Game

By M. Quann Boyd
Stephen Paea and  Kyle Long
Jerry Lai – USA TODAY Sports

A few days into Marc Trestman‘s first training camp with the Chicago Bears and one thing is apparently clear: this isn’t Lovie Smith‘s camp. After a couple of practices, the only real hitting that’s been done has involved rookie guard Kyle Long going all Jon Jones on fellow teammates and defensive linemen Nate Collins and Kyle Moore. Aside from the coaching staff having to slow down the rookie while on the field, there won’t — or shouldn’t — be much more physical contact between players for the remainder of camp. For this year’s version of the Bears, it’s all about, as my mom would say, “working smarter, not harder.”

So what does this all mean for the Bears?

Well, for starters, Trestman’s camps thus far has been fast-paced, with the team rushing from individual drills to group work and back to drills. This isn’t something the players were excepting. If players don’t keep up, it’s easy for Trestman to let a player go. What this means is Trestman, in less than a week, has put this veteran team on notice. Trestman, in less than a week, has begun to place his imprint on this historically defensive organization. This maybe the shake-up the Bears need.

To succeed in today’s NFLthe Bears have to adapt to the pass-happy league, NFC North included. In the short term, the old Bears, a team that has to win now, they have to adjust to the new reign. In the long run, this shake-up maybe the catalyst for change.

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