Does Tim Brown Deserve Induction Into Pro Football Hall Of Fame In 2014?

By Aaron Charles
Pro Football Hall of Fame
Mark J. Rebilas – USA TODAY Sports

One person I was happy to see inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame this year was Cris Carter. He was extremely deserving of the long overdue honor, and his selection in his sixth year of eligibility is a good sign for Tim Brown, who definitely deserves to be inducted as well.

Brown and Carter had great careers with very similar numbers. 2014 will be Brown’s fifth year of eligibility and hopefully the voters come around on him in the near future.

The former Heisman Trophy winner had nine straight 1,000-yard receiving seasons from 1993-2001, which is an impressive level of consistency with the wide array of quarterbacks that were thrown his way during that period. His consistent production landed him fifth on the all-time career receiving yards list with 14,934.

They just don’t make them as tough as Brown anymore. His durability was second to none, as he currently holds the record for most consecutive starts by a wide receiver with 176 and also holds the record for consecutive games with more than one reception with 147. No other receiver is close to either of those records.

I suspect Brown will eventually be voted in, but if somehow he isn’t, it would be an absolute shame.

If Randy Moss and Terrell Owens are inducted someday and Brown doesn’t get in, it would be sickening. Don’t get me wrong — purely from their talent and numbers, Moss and Owens should be inducted at some point. I would just hate to see a Hall of Fame where two attention-seeking manchildren are in and a guy like Brown doesn’t make the cut.

No matter what Al Davis was saying or doing, Brown played hard and worked his butt off year in and year out. The Hall of Fame should value durability, consistency, hard work and professionalism as well as production, and Brown is a great representation of all of those qualities.

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