How Is Riley Cooper Still On The Philadelphia Eagles?

Howard Smith – USA TODAY Sports

Back in June, Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper said something in a video – that recently just surfaced – that no one will ever forgive him for saying. He said a racial slur against African Americans that I will not repeat since you should have all seen the video by now. If you haven’t, I bet you can still guess what Cooper said.

Stuff like this should not be tolerated not only in sports but in society as well. Unfortunately, with so many people in this world and with so many individualistic minds, ranging from sane to completely skewed, racism will sadly never end, at least not in our lifetime.

With so many African Americans playing not only on the Eagles but in the NFL as well, I find it quite perplexing that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, and especially the Eagles, did basically nothing to discipline Cooper.

I find it baffling that the Eagles did not punish Cooper further for his actions. To not even suspend Cooper and only fine him and send him to counseling is just ridiculous, in my opinion, not only from a moral aspect but a team aspect as well. Don’t you think some controversy in the locker room will come out of all this?

Eagles running back LeSean McCoy has come out and said, “I can’t respect a guy like that,” and that Cooper is “losing a friend.” On the other hand, Eagles quarterback Michael Vick has expressed his feelings toward Cooper and in surprising fashion, said he forgives Cooper for what he said. Also, an unidentified player on the Eagles, when asked about if Cooper should still be on the team, said, “The coaches are saying we should think team first, but this is just crazy.”

With all of that being said, I think the Eagles’ decision to not release Cooper is really ignorant and stupid. He will divide the locker room up, as it is already starting, and frankly, his actions are appalling and not tolerated in society, NFL included.  If any other person outside of sports said what he said, they would be immediately fired, so why should Cooper get a pass just because he is in the NFL?

Do you agree?

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  • ron

    The reason Riley Cooper is still on the Eagles is because he used the “N” word once and his black teammates use the word once x 100 times a day. This is probably the most blatant double standard in America’s history. And Riley Cooper stated his parents never taught him the word nor did he hear it from them. So where did Riley Cooper primarily learn the word … from hearing it tens of thousands or maybe more times, during his lifetime at all levels of football, frequently hearing the “N” word from his African American teammates and the rap music he constantly heard during his lifetime… and don’t even try the laughable explanation that will never fool anyone, that blacks can use the “N” word but whites or anyone else can’t or that somehow it’s “different” when blacks use the filthy word… BS !! It should never be used by anyone. If Riley should lose his job … you might as well eliminate all the Eagles because most have used the “N” word thousands of times.

  • SportsGenius705

    This is a joke. I’ve never seen people so up in arms over A WORD. As a former athlete, I’ve been cussed down from head to toe, called every name in the book by coaches, teammates, fans etc. Who cares? ITS A WORD. It didn’t draw blood. I’m still alive. People are stupid.

  • captaindandan

    #1: HE WAS D-R-U-N-K !!
    #2: He had a ‘little audience’ to show off for
    #3: He said the n-word ONE friggin’ time!! ONE TIME.
    HOW about a dose of reality? = Michael Richards (I LOVED him as Stanly Spudowski in the move “U.H.F.”) Richards called two African-Americans the n-word 30 times and said, “___x____ NUMBER of years AGO they’d be hanging in trees!” I don’t know whether he meant they were Neanderthal apes swinging from trees or OR if they had been LYNCHED and hanging from trees. Richards went to see Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton and expressed extreme remorse and was exonerated.
    Cannot we do the same for Riley Cooper?? Come’on man–the guy’s not a racist; the word slipped out.
    P.S. GOOGLE “nigger trigger” is a condition where epileptics will see a black person and yell “NIGGER”. True story. It’s a mystery of why this happens. I have epilepsy so I know about the “nigger trigger” and Tourette Syndrome and struggle with my mouth on a daily basis. Leave Riley Cooper alone. He is remorseful and NOT NOT a racist. Sheeeesh .

    Oh, look at the time: My KKK Klan meeting will be starting soon. Gotta go. NOT