Jeremy Maclin's Injury Only Thing Keeping Riley Cooper Around With Philadelphia Eagles

By Dan Parzych
Riley Cooper
(Howard Smith/USA Today Sports)

There’s only one word to describe how the last week has gone for the Philadelphia Eagles–a disaster.

Just a few days after dealing with the news surrounding Jeremy Maclin and how the wide receiver would miss the entire 2013 season after suffering a torn ACL in practice last Saturday, Eagles wide receivers was the popular topic once again on Wednesday after a video of Riley Cooper at a country concert went viral in which he used a racial slur. The organization wasted no time with fining Cooper for his actions and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell indicated on Thursday how the wideout will undergo training as part of his punishment–which is fair.

What Cooper said was completely disturbing and unacceptable on all levels–there’s no question about that. Some will forgive Cooper for what he said and move on from the incident, but there will be a handful of those who may never forgive him for what was said–no matter how sincere his apology was.

This type of behavior by Cooper is absolutely disgusting and being under the influence is certainly no excuse. Unfortunately for Cooper, no matter what he says or does moving forward, he’ll have a target on his back during the 2013 season by opponents as a way to “get back” at the wideout for his comments.

Cooper can say what he wants through an apology, but the fact of the matter is he said what he said and that can’t be taken back. Philadelphia already had enough controversy a couple of years ago when they decided to give Michael Vick a shot despite his involvement with the dogfighting incident and now they’ll most likely be the center of attention once again during the 2013 season considering how many individuals across the country Cooper has made upset with these comments.

What’s even worse is the Eagles most likely would have parted ways with Cooper for his comments if they weren’t already desperate at the wide receiver position. With Maclin missing the entire season, Philadelphia saw this as an opportunity for Cooper to prove himself as an effective No. 2 wideout playing alongside DeSean Jackson.

The potential is obviously still there, but whether or not Cooper will still be able to live up to the hype with this extra pressure on him is a different story. Just think if this incident took place a week earlier before Maclin’s injury took place and it’s safe to say the Eagles most likely would have just parted ways with Cooper following an incident like this–mainly because they could have afforded to adjust to life without a wideout who caught 23 passes in 11 games during the 2012 season.

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