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5 Areas the Chicago Bears Must Improve Upon During Training Camp

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5 Areas for the Chicago Bears to Improve Upon During Training Camp

Jerry Lai - USA TODAY Sports

This is going to be a different year for the Chicago Bears. They have been in a pattern of having a winning season, then a losing season for the past four years. This is the season to break that pattern. It’s the Bears year to be a consistent threat and have a winning season every season. After coming so close to the playoffs last season, it’s apparent that there are some areas in which the Bears have to improve. Training camp is the place to do it.

They’re going through a lot of changes that allow improvements. The most apparent is a new coaching staff. Marc Trestman replaces Lovie Smith as head coach, Aaron Kromer is the new offensive coordinator and Mel Tucker is the new defensive coordinator. After being in a same type of game play for the past nine years, this can be the most dramatic improvement that will benefit the Bears. Also, some players have left and have been moved around.

Every fan has certain things that they’d like to see be improved or totally changed. In order for the Bears to be a playoff regular, improvements need to be made. The following will be five things I think the Bears need to improve on. They have been itching for a Super Bowl appearance, as they haven’t seen one since 07. If they make the necessary improvements to enhance their game play and make 2013 the new 1985, then you’ll be hearing “Bear Down” every week.

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5. Defined Leader on the Line of Scrimmage

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Brian Urlacher made sure that everyone was on the same page on the field. Off the field, he was the one that kept everyone going. To say that he was a leader is an understatement, as it was felt by everyone around him. Well, he’s gone and it’s someone else’s time to step up. Lance Briggs has taken the responsibility on the field, but is he the type to step up and become a leader? If not Briggs, then perhaps quarterback Jay Cutler. No matter who it is, the Bears need a defined leader on the line of scrimmage to keep everyone together and to keep everyone going.

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4. Step out of Rookie Play

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There’s a diverse mix of young and veteran players on the Bears. The veterans need to improve their level of play and the younger players need to step up their game to veteran status. 11 starters’ contracts are ending. Like it or not, that means some key players leaving, and the younger players need to be able to step in their place without missing a beat.

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3. Keep the Momentum Going

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It happens almost every season. The Bears start off really strong in the beginning of the season, but then losses pile uptowards the end of the year. During training camp, they really need to rally to make sure that no one dies off. This might mean more physical conditioning or it could be a mental block. No matter what it is, it needs to be taken care of to make sure that they stay strong throughout the season. It cost them the playoffs last year, and when playing in arguably the hardest division of the NFL, one game can make or break a season.

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2. Protecting the Quarterback

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There’s no reason why this isn’t the most important improvement of the offense. Cutler should not be taking 38 sacks per season. Thankfully, there’s new leadership and players who will bring change to the offense during training camp.

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1. Be Ready to Beat the Green Bay Packers

Seriously, it needs to happen.
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The Bears need to beat the Green Bay Packers in order to be in the playoffs. Most importantly, they need to beat the Packers to be NFC champions. Beating the Packers will not put them in a better position statistically, but it will better their morale. So during training camp, they need to really look at what went wrong during their matchups. The Bears really need up step up their offense. I mean really step it up. Also, the Bears need to tighten up their defense to be able to go against Aaron Rodgers.