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Five Worst Washington Redksins QBs of Recent Memory

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Five Worst Washington Redskins Quarterbacks in Recent Memory

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Geoof Burke - USA Today Sports

Washington Redskins fans need to take a minute to appreciate what they currently have. Yes, with Robert Griffin III and Kirk Cousins, the Redskins have something of an embarrassment of riches in two young, talented quarterbacks. While Griffin is the clear starter, Cousins has, in limited action, shown the ability to be a bona-fide starter in the NFL. And I’ve written on numerous occasions that the Redskins have a real dilemma with Cousins.

Of course, it hasn’t always daisies and rainbows behind center for the Burgundy and Gold. In fact, at times in recent memory, quarterback play has been downright abysmal. Sure, some of the signal callers were better than others, but for more than a decade, it seemed no matter who the team installed behind center, the results were essentially the same.

Today, we will look back at some of the team’s unfortunate woes at quarterback, naming the "Five Worst Washington Redskins Quarterbacks in Recent Memory."

Now, for the purposes of this discussion “recent memory,” will be defined as the 2000s. Thus, you will not see the name Heath Shuler. Nor will you read about Cary Conklin, Rich Gannon or John Friesz. In fairness, Gannon had some very good years with the Kansas City Chiefs and Oakland Raiders, but was rather forgettable when he wore Burgundy and Gold in 1993.

Also, what may surprise you is some of the names that don’t appear on this list. Yes, separating the mediocre, the bad and the dreadfully woeful is difficult work. However, we have done our best, and it should be noted the five quarterbacks on this list have made one combined start since leaving Washington.

So, without further ado, I present the Five Worst Washington Redskins Quarterbacks in Recent Memory. Enjoy, or maybe I should say, try to enjoy.

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#5 Mark Brunell (2004-2007)

Ed Mulholland - USA Today Sports

One could argue Brunell doesn’t belong on this list for the simple fact he was the starting quarterback in the Redskins' one playoff win during the 21st century. Although, I should me remind you Brunell threw for 41 yards in that win. Also, the Redskins paid through the nose for Brunell, surrendering third- and fifth-round draft picks and giving the past-his-prime quarterback a seven-year $43 million deal. Ultimately, all the Redskins got from Brunell was three years of mostly ineffective play.

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#4 Tim Hasselbeck

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Geoff Burke - USA Today Sports

In fairness to Hasselbeck, he was never expected to play a significant role. However, the combination of the Redskins releasing a worse-than-expected Rob Johnson in October of 2003 and injuries to then-starter Patrick Ramsey, prompted the team to sign Hasselbeck in the middle of the season. Playing behind a woeful line and with few receiving threats, Hasselbeck probably never stood much of a chance. In five starts, he recorded one win and posted a completion percentage of 53.7 percent.

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#3 Danny Wuerrfel (2002)

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The former Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback was as nice a guy to come through Washington in recent memory. Unfortunately, Wuerrfel just never had the arm to play in the NFL. Part of then-head coach Steve Spurrier’s recruiting of former Florida Gators, Wuerrfel would start found games during the 2002 NFL season, throwing three touchdowns passes and six interceptions. Wuerrfel has not seen action in the league since.

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#2 Jeff George (2000-2001)

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George is unquestionably the most talented individual on this list. And Redskins fans certainly remember his impressive performance on Monday Night Football in 2000 against the then-Super Bowl Champion St. Louis Rams. Still, George brought the same lousy attitude he was known for in his other NFL stops to D.C. He once famously ignored interim head coach Terry Robiskie’s play calls in favor of his own calls. Redskins fans also remember George’s entire offensive line standing idle as their quarterback was dragged across the Texas Stadium turf in Dallas. George would be released two games in the 2001 season. And it should be noted that Tony Banks was the quarterback installed in favor of George.

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#1 John Beck (2010-2011)

Troy Taormona - USA Today Sports

The “Mormon Missile” had some mobility and spunk. He was by all accounts a very likable individual. He simply could not at the NFL level. Of course, Beck was the apple of head coach Mike Shanahan’s eye. And despite the team being 3-2 in 2011, Shanahan opted to go with Beck over incumbent Rex Grossman. It turned out to be a disastrous decision. Beck was totally ineffective in three starts, throwing two touchdowns and four interceptions. Grossman was re-installed and beck was released at the end of the season.

Beck has not played since.