Michael Vick's Guidance May Help Philadelphia Eagles Overcome Controversy

By Nugesse Ghebrendrias
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

With the Philadelphia Eagles already dealing with injuries and uncertainty at the quarterback position, the Riley Cooper incident further distracts the team. Will Cooper be cut by the Eagles? Nobody knows, but what we do know is that Michael Vick’s guidance could be the key to this whole situation blowing over.

As Coopers’ infamous video spreading like wildfire across the internet, many people are providing their insight on the subject. Marcus Vick allegedly put a bounty on anyone who would take him out during a game, and many players around the league also upset, which could get Cooper unwanted attention during games.

That’s if Philadelphia decides to keep him on their roster, anyway.

Cooper’s teammate Jason Avant spoke out as well but instead of bashing him, he looked to forgive him. Though Michael Vick said that it was difficult to “understand”, he took the same road as well.

Being a professional athlete comes with certain duties. On and off the field, they must be role models. Cooper’s actions have upset and shamed many teammates. Cooper was also find an undisclosed amount of money by the NFL.

We must remember that everyone is human and that we all make mistakes. Cooper acted out in anger, just like we have all done many times. As a professional athlete, their actions are publicized constantly. Should someone’s name change our level of understanding?

With the support of Vick and other teammates, this controversy can unite the Eagles as a team and Philadelphia as a city.

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