New-Look Rex Ryan Announces New-Look Schedule

By Stephen Conway
Rex Ryan
Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Last Friday, the New York Jets opened up their training camp with a few new changes in place. Rex Ryan made those changes clear in his opening press conference.

Ryan changed his tune this year, becoming more conservative and not falling into the media trap of proclaiming themselves “Super Bowl favorites” for this year. Instead, Ryan almost gave sort of a pep talk, and acknowledged essentially that Friday was the first day of many, and they have a long way to go, but they will get there together because they are a team.

Another change that Ryan implemented this year in which he announced, is their new practice schedule. Instead of starting at 8 a.m, they now take the field at 10 a.m. Is Ryan becoming more relaxed with this new schedule? Not at all, and in fact, he’s being more rigorous and strategic.

At 8:20 a.m., positional meetings start with their respective coaches, to Hoover film, necessary changes, game plans and goals for the coming day, etc.

It’s becoming apparent that Ryan is changing his ways. Maybe he feels often times the previous years he was out-coached strategically, which may have been true in some cases last season. By implementing the new schedule, it gives coaches and players more time to be on the same page, as well as study game film more extensively.

It’s a good change, and a necessary one for the Jets and Ryan, and one can hope that it will help the Jets win a few more games. If that is the case, Ryan will look like a hero, something that hasn’t been perceived as Ryan since his first few years as a head coach.

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