This Is Jay Cutler’s Year To Become Franchise QB For Chicago Bears

By Meriah Milliken
Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

Ever since the Chicago Bears acquired Jay Cutler from free agency in 2009, he was supposed to be the quarterback that was going to bring the Bears back to the 85’ glory.

Unfortunately, he was dealing with one of the worst offensive lines in the league, an offensive coordinator that didn’t know what he was doing, and a head coach that pretty much only concentrated on the defense. Combine that with Cutler’s attitude and reputation with coaches, and you have a formula for un-reached potential.

Quarterbacks getting sacked across the NFL was a prevalent theme last season. Cutler took 38 of those alone. In his career with the Bears, he’s taken 148. How many did he take in his career with the Denver Broncos? 51 total.

This season could be his breakout season to become the Bears’ franchise quarterback.  Not only is he set up for it, he now has a time limit with his contract ending this season.

What could be the new formula for Cutler’s success? The first part is Marc Trestman. He has been the quarterback whisperer of the NFL. He’s improved the careers of Rick Gannon, George Seifert and Scott Mitchell, just to name a few. What is good for Cutler is that Trestman’s main concern is to protect the quarterback.

Second is the new offense and offensive coordinator Aaron Kromer. The new offense has more variation in plays and is more complex. Lastly, new left tackle Jermon Bushrod with Kromer when he played for the New Orleans Saints, so he knows Kromer’s system and he can help with other players.  Thankfully, his calf injury isn’t enough to keep him out all season, as he’ll be an important part in keeping Cutler’s blind side safe.

To throw something extra in there, Cutler has a new impact tight end to throw to in Martellus Bennet.

Cutler has no reason not to become the great quarterback that he was supposed to be. If he was ever going to become a franchise quarterback, this is the year — And the pressure is on for him to become one.

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