Arizona Cardinals Have Nothing to Lose By Involving Patrick Peterson on Offense

By Andrew Fisher
Patrick Peterson
Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Patrick Peterson is already a Pro Bowl punt returner and cornerback, but it appears he may have another role on the Arizona Cardinals in 2013. With Bruce Arians now running the show in the desert, it’s very likely that Peterson will get some reps on offense this season. Rumblings of this started a few days back, but apparently by the end of Peterson’s first week of working with the offense, he was impressing everybody. Arians has even reportedly expanded Peterson’s package to 15 plays already.

“We’ve got a pretty big package in for a guy who’s a defensive football player. There’s not much he can’t do. He’s one of those guys, if it wasn’t football, then baseball maybe or another sport. He’s that type of talent and athlete,” said quarterback Carson Palmer.

Arians obviously sees the same thing in Peterson and thus why he’s decided to get the ball in his hands any way that’s possible. This is a good call from the perspective that the Cardinals need any edge they can get this upcoming season. Talents like Peterson are rare and the Cardinals are wise to expand his role to maximize his on-field production.

Of course it’s a two-way street. They don’t want to overuse the talented corner on offense, but at the same time, he’s only 23-years old. He’s not some veteran player that needs to conserve energy – he’s got plenty to go around.

This is definitely an experiment worth putting some time into if you’re the Cardinals. We’re still a month out from the start of the regular season, so there’s plenty of practice days left to figure out the best way to use Peterson without putting him at too much of a risk.


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