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Chicago Bears’ Martellus Bennett Provides Relief For Overworked Brandon Marshall

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For a cool $20.4 million over four years, the Chicago Bears acquired new tight end Martellus Bennett in free agency from the New York Giants. Some people would argue that the Bears paid too much for Bennett, but I think that he’ll prove to be worth the money.

Depending on what offense you’re playing on, a tight end is supposed to block the linebacker and enhance the running game. If you can find someone who is athletic enough to trick the defense and get open to receive a pass, then you’re on your way to become one of the greats.

For Bennett, he is well on his way. Last year, while he was with the Giants, he had an average of 11.4 yards per reception, 35 receiving first downs, and five touchdowns.

Bennett will be another weapon to use in Marc Trestman’s new offense: a pass-friendly style of play that will provide Jay Cutler with another passing option. He will also be relieving Brandon Marshall‘s reception load. Marshall was targeted 194 times last season, many of which should have gone to a tight end. Being constantly used was probably the cause of his third hip surgery in January.

When it comes down to it, Bennett delivers. The Giants were trying to keep him, but he ended up in Chicago. Offensive coordinator Aaron Kromer has a lot of new and quality players to use to make the Bears’ offense great. Marshall is happy to share the receptions, and Bennett is a big, athletic player ready step up to the challenge.

Meriah Milliken is an Chicago Bears writer for Follow her on twitter @MeriahMilliken, “Like” her on Facebook, or add her to your Google network.

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