Chicago Bears Training Camp: Matt Forte Looking Quicker Than Ever, Will be Featured More in Offense

By Ryan Heckman


Ryan Heckman – Rant Sports

When general manager Phil Emery hired Marc Trestman to be the new head coach of the Chicago Bears, he had a couple of primary reasons why. The first was to be able to get the most out of quarterback Jay Cutler, as Trestman has been widely considered as one of the best quarterback-centric minds in the sports.

Secondly, Emery knew that the Bears had been underutilizing running back Matt Forte. With his skill set, the Bears should be featuring him a lot more in their offense. He has the ability to catch a screen pass and take it the distance at any point in time.

Forte also possesses great hands as a back. Whether he’s asked to go out to the flats, hang a small route five yards in front of the line of scrimmage or even line up wide, Forte is incredibly versatile and Chicago has not done everything they can to get him the ball.

So far during training camp, Forte has looked quite a bit leaner and much quicker than he has in past years. When he gets through the hole, Forte has been showing a burst of speed and quickness unlike anything we have seen in Chicago before.

He has always had a great cutback, but the ability for him to explode immediately after that cutback has been improved greatly. Forte has never been the fastest back in the league, but during training camp he has looked very quick and his footwork appears much-improved as well.

At first glance, I even had the word ‘skinny’ come to mind. After thinking about it and watching him practice a bit more, I decided that was a poor term to describe any football player of course. But, Forte definitely looks much leaner and the Bears are excited about how they will feature him.

Many reports have said that Forte will be getting the ball at all costs throughout the game. In any way, shape or form the Bears want him to have the ball in his hands. If Trestman can utilize Forte’s talents correctly, this will absolutely take more pressure off a guy like Brandon Marshall and more importantly, Cutler will have a bit less pressure on him as well.

As the season begins in about a month, keep an eye right away on how Forte is used and if he can stay healthy, he could be on his way to another Pro Bowl appearance.

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