Is Chicago Bears' Offense Ready For Prime Time?

By M. Quann Boyd
Jay Cutler
Jerry Lai USA Today Sports

With the Chicago Bears having been down in Bourbonnais, IL for a little over a week for training camp, it’s about time to really start taking a closer look at the team’s roster and potential.

The Bears’ offense on paper looks like it has the pieces to truly compete in the NFC North. With a quality quarterback in Jay Cutler as well as Pro Bowl running back Matt Forte and wideout Brandon Marshall, it’s a wonder that this team didn’t reach the NFL playoffs in 2012.

With the team having been assembling talent over the last few seasons match the intensity and skill level of the Bears’ stellar defense, the 2012 version of the team’s offensive unit should have been able to do more.

With the offensive production varying from average to face-meltingly terrible, and the number of offensive coordinators that have blown through Halas Hall during Lovie Smith‘s regime, it’s really no wonder why Bears GM Phil Emery, let the coach go and brought in Marc Trestman to sort out Cutler.

Thus far, it appears Trestman is tailoring the offense to take advantage of Cutler’s skill set.

For anybody that remembers Cutler’s best seasons with the Denver Broncos under Mike Shanahan, the roll out and throw will resemble an old friend that has been MIA recently. With Trestman dusting off game tapes for a successful staple of the Shanahan/Cutler connection and with several more weeks of training camp still ahead, getting Cutler extremely comfortable with the new offense should help the other weapons adjust as well.

Who knows, maybe this will be the year that the Bears’ offense out-produces the D.

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