Seattle Seahawks: Do Not Count On Return Of Percy Harvin

By Todd Pheifer
Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Seahawks were obviously disappointed when it became obvious that Percy Harvin needed to have surgery on his hip. However, there is no time for sorrow and lament. The team has to hope for the best and, for the moment, move on from their electric receiver.

As noted by head coach Pete Carroll to the media:

“What we have heard so far is that the surgery went very well, and that there’s a long rehab process coming up. We don’t have any dates or timelines, but we’re going to be very optimistic and hope that he gets back as soon as possible.”

Translation? Don’t assume that Harvin will be back anytime soon. If you read between the lines, Carroll is not going to expect him to suit up in the near future.

Certainly, there is value in being optimistic that Harvin will return this season. Maybe he makes a quick recovery, sparks the Seahawks later in the year and leads Seattle to the Super Bowl. That would be a nice end to the story. The problem with this mentality is that coming back from this type of procedure takes time.

Surgery is still surgery. Recovering in the NFL is a lot different than going back to work and resting at your desk. Harvin may be a special player, but he is human.

Yes, the athletes in the NFL can do some amazing things, and perhaps Harvin’s internal drive will give him an extra boost as he works through rehab. Even if Harvin heals quickly, there is still the issue of getting into football shape. In addition, even with his ability, it will take time to get in sync with Russell Wilson and the offense.

The bottom line is that coaches and fans have to look at Harvin as a bonus to what is already going on. Seattle did not have Harvin last season, so it isn’t like it has to replicate the experience of having him in the 2012 offense. The Seahawks were a great team without Harvin last year, and there is no reason why they can’t be a dominant team again this season.

There cannot be an assumption that Harvin will return and easily inject life into the team if they are struggling. Also, if he does step on the field later in the season, it should not be assumed that the ‘Hawks can just coast for the rest of the year.

Hope for the best, but plan for the worst. Do not expect Percy Harvin back this season.

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