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5 Storylines to Follow During Philadelphia Eagles Training Camp

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Philadelphia Eagles:5 Storylines to watch during training camp

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The Philadelphia Eagles' product had turned stale the past few seasons under Andy Reid, and everyone realized it was time for a change. In comes Chip Kelly. He brings with him a new age offense that promises to go at a fast pace and leave defenses breathless on their way to defending it.

Kelly has run a tight ship in Philadelphia. He has changed everything from players' nutrition to their sleeping habits and even the way they train. This has led to much more productive practices where everything is done at a break neck pace and even mistakes are corrected later in a teach period so that the drills can keep going.

This should really benefit the Eagles in a game. They will be properly conditioned to survive the mental and physical rigors of the season when it comes down to the wire late in the 4th quarter stamina and mental toughness plays a crucial part in who wins or loses the game.

Kelly is certainly on the cutting edge. Reid's old ways of hitting every practice are gone as Coach Kelly is more focused on teaching the fundamentals of tackling and thudding up than risk getting his guys injured before the preseason or all important regular season even start up.

Kelly has already faced a variety of challenges as the head coach of the Eagles. He has constantly fielded questions about the quarterback battle and has had to deal with some off the field headlines as well. He has handled everything admirably so far which is a sign of a great head coach.

Let's take a look at 5 storylines to watch out for as Philadelphia Eagles training camp rolls on.

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The Quarterback battle

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The quarterback battle has dominated the headlines at Eagles training camp since it commenced. The battle still rages on and this will certainly be something to keep an eye on as the preseason begins.

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The Riley Cooper fiasco and which receivers will step up in place of he and Jeremy Maclin

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The Eagles are now left very thin at receiver after Jeremy Maclin's season ending ACL injury and Riley Cooper's excused absence from the team after the use of a racial slur. Young guys will have to step up. This is certainly worth watching in the coming weeks and months ahead.

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Jobs up for grabs in the secondary

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Jobs in the secondary are wide open as it is still yet to be determined who the starting corners and safeties will be. As Chip Kelly says the depth chart right now is written in sand, and the preseason will go a long way in revealing who the starting four are in the back end.

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The defense transitioning to a 3-4 and what that means for veterans like Trent Cole

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Perhaps the most challenging transition the Eagles are going to have to deal with is going from a 4-3 to a 3-4. Especially for a veteran like Trent Cole who has been in a 4-3 system his entire pro career. Training camp, the preseason, and the ultimate test in the regular season will go a long way in determining if the transition is a smooth one.

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How Chip Kelly's uptempo style will work in the NFL

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Chip Kelly brings his patented uptempo no huddle style to the pros. Reports have recently come out that the referees may plan to slow this well oiled machine down. Will Kelly still be able to fully implement his warp speed offense in the NFL? This is something to hone in on as the regular season approaches.