Head Coach Doug Marrone is Hands On In Practice at Buffalo Bills Training Camp

By Scott DelleFave
Doug Marrone
Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

New Buffalo Bills head coach, Doug Marrone is bringing a brand new look to a team that has sorely needed an improvement of an image on the field. Since 1999, the Bills haven’t made the playoffs, and they haven’t even had a winning record since 2004. There seems to be a different aura around the team this year that hasn’t been there in a long time.

At the the first few practices, Coach Marrone was right in the trenches showing his offensive linemen what he expects out of them day in and day out. Marrone is also different than a lot of coaches as he has a no-nonsense approach and doesn’t take any lip from anybody on the team. For instance, he told his men that they’d better be in shape for when training camp opens and a player named Chris Scott failed the conditioning test the day before camp was slated to open and he was cut immediately. Despite being injured right now, offensive tackle Chris Hairston was walking around everywhere at the first night practice and if he wasn’t walking, he was on the stationary bike under coach’s direct orders in order to keep his cardiovascular endurance up as much as he can without stepping foot on the football field as he’s going to need it to keep up with the rest of the team that’s practicing at a high speed.

This is a breath of fresh air to a lot of fans as under previous regimes it seemed like a lot of the practices were start and stop then take a break for a bit. One coach had practices with very little if any contact at all even when the pads came on, and that is speculated as to why the Bills have been bitten with the injury bug so much and so deeply.

All in all things are looking better in the first week of camp for the Bills under Doug Marrone than the last 13 seasons combined, which is saying something.

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