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Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Top 5 Offensive Weapons

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Top 5 Offensive Weapons

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This season, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have many questions that need to be answered. Will Josh Freeman earn a new contract? Was Mike Williams' new contract the right move? Will Darrelle Revis, Davin Joseph, Carl Nicks and Adrian Clayborn remain healthy throughout the year? Will Doug Martin surpass the always ugly sophomore slump which often occurs? Who will win the tight end battle and how well will they perform?

These questions are mainly concerning the weapons of the team's offense. If these questions are answered the right way, Tampa knows that they have a chance at the Super Bowl. If these questions are answered the wrong way, however, Tampa also knows that they have a long way to go till a playoff berth. That is why this season is more important than others; it defines the future of the organization. This season will show if Josh Freeman is elite or a bust, it will decide if getting Revis was smart or dumb and it will decide whether or not the team is actually ready to win.

What I am about to show you are the top five weapons on the offense, and the performances of these five will be pivotal to the success of the Buccaneers organization. It will bring into concern the health of the players, their performance level and the moves to get them from free agency and the NFL draft. It will also concern the past contracts and the future contracts of every player on the offense.

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5. Carl Nicks

Carl Nicks
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Carl Nicks is a huge weapon for the offense. Last season, he suffered from a pretty nasty toe injury which kept him out the majority of the year. Nicks is now up to health as he is performing at training camp and should participate in the preseason games.

Nicks has quite the resume as he is a two-time Pro Bowler and won the Super Bowl with the New Orleans Saints. Nicks hopes make plenty more Pro Bowl appearances with the Buccaneers and if he and the rest of the Buccaneers play well enough, he might even be able to get a few more Super Bowl rings.

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4. Mike Williams

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Mike Williams has a great future ahead of him with Tampa, and I see him having a breakout year. He can no doubt catch, but one of my concerns with him is that the speed isn't quite there right now. Since Tampa is lacking a true receiving tight end, you should see Williams getting more receptions this season.

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3. Josh Freeman

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Josh Freeman has all of the qualities to be a star in this league at 6-foot-6, 240 pounds with a rocket of an arm. The talent is there with Vincent Jackson and Mike Williams. He has no excuse for why he’s not a Pro Bowler in this league.

If Freeman wants to remain in Tampa in the future, he must throw fewer interceptions. Last season, 17 of his passes were thrown for interceptions. If he throws fewer than 14 and his completion percentage improves to over 60 percent, you should see the Buccaneers offer him a pretty big contract.

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2. Vincent Jackson

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Vincent Jackson should improve from last season since the statistics show that receivers generally produce better numbers in their second season with a team.

Jackson is one of the fastest receivers in the league behind DeSean Jackson, Tavon Austin and Percy Harvin when healthy. His speed makes him a top-10 receiver in the NFL as he becomes a vertical threat to all defensive backs in the NFC South. If Vincent Jackson gets the ball, he will take off.

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1. Doug Martin

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Doug Martin is sure to be a star in this league in the near future. The thing about Martin is that he is only 5-foot-9, but he has the ability to keep his legs moving and keep those small arm tackles off of him. If Martin stays away from the nasty knee and ankle injuries and continues to progress, you could see him become the best running back in the league and the greatest in Bucs history.