Jonathan Vilma Won't Wear Another NFL Team's Hat Until He Retires

By Andrew Fisher
Jonathan Vilma
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Jonathan Vilma is helping change the way you order drinks with a new mobile app called BarEye. I recently had an opportunity to talk with him about his new business venture and ask him a few questions about the upcoming season.

Vilma says that he’s feeling a whole lot better physically than a year ago at this time. Although he was suspended for the first half of 2012, a knee injury likely would have kept him off the field for several games anyway. All of that is behind him now and he’s ready to get back to business with new defensive coordinator Rob Ryan.

The star linebacker says that Ryan has, “brought a lot of energy and fire to the team,” and that “he knows how to put guys in position to be successful.” That’s of course something vitally important to the New Orleans Saints this season, as they’re undergoing a transformation to the 3-4 defense under Ryan.

I also asked Vilma for an up-and-coming player for fans to keep an eye on, or for someone that’s caught his attention. After thinking for a moment he said, “the rookie from Texas, Kenny Vaccaro.” Vilma noted that he’s looked ‘sharp’ so far in practice.

Finally, I had to go out of the box a little and get Vilma’s thoughts on wearing another NFL team’s hat. Of course Colin Kaepernick blew up the internet when he rocked a Miami Dolphins hat a few weeks back, so I wondered what the outspoken linebacker would think about it.

When I first asked the question he replied, “yeah…when I’m retired.” But then I asked specifically about wearing another team’s hat right now as a member of the Saints and he said, “probably not, but it’s really not that big of a deal. I know players that have hats from every team, NBA and NFL. It’s more of a fashion thing.”

Vilma also brought up a good point, saying “teams aren’t always loyal to the players.” Which is undoubtedly true in today’s NFL.

So all in all, he didn’t think the Kaepernick hat-situation was very newsworthy, but yet he still wouldn’t support another brand at this current time. I think that’s fair, because the NFL is a business. As it turns out, Jonathan Vilma knows a lot about business.


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