New York Jets: Why So Much Ballyhooing? It's Just A Quarterback Competition

By Stephen Conway
NY Jet Quarterbacks
Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

It seems like almost every article written about the New York Jets‘ quarterback competition between Geno Smith and Mark Sanchez describes it as a “ballyhooed competition.”

According to the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, the definition of “ballyhoo” is “a noisy-attention getting demonstration or talk.” The second definition is “flamboyant, exaggerated, or sensational promotion or publicity”

Yes, this quarterback competition between both Smith and the “embattled” Sanchez (that’s another word people like to use) may be a bit ballyhooed by the media, but who is to say that it shouldn’t?

It features a rookie quarterback who had an exceptional college career but is doubted by many to perform at the next level, and a fifth-year quarterback who has been the laughing stock of the Jets and the NFL for the past two years. No wonder it might get a little publicity.

My point is this. The media should stop making the point and emphasizing that the “media” is making too much out of this quarterback competition. This is a big deal, especially in New York. Jet fans have wanted a consistent quarterback for quite sometime now, and they are hopefully able to figure it out this season.

Traditionally, the media makes a big deal out of everything, even the most insignificant of storylines that really should not be talked about much at all. When a noteworthy story line such as this comes up, it is worthy to talk about it every day.

“Ballyhooed” is not the right word to describe this quarterback competition, because it is getting just the right amount of attention it deserves. Had Sanchez not been in the mix for the starting spot, and had it not been the circus that is the Jets, maybe the competition wouldn’t get as much publicity, but it does involve all those things.

Therefore, stop calling it ballyhooed — it’s just not right.

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