Plenty Can Be Learned From Dallas Cowboys' First Preseason Game

By Shaun P Kernahan
DeVonte Holloman
Ron Schwane-USA TODAY Sports

The Hall of Fame game is often the most pointless preseason game game of the year, but also one of the most intriguing to watch. Because both teams involved have five games instead of four before the regular season starts, the backup and last few guys on the roster get the chance to really step up, and this happened for a few members of the Dallas Cowboys.

Arguably the biggest reach in the 2013 NFL Draft was the Cowboys’ first-round pick Travis Frederick. After just one preseason game, maybe it was not as big a reach as originally thought. Frederick plays an often underrated position at center, and showed he has the kind of mobility to be an impact in the running game. He was able to get downfield and really help spring some runs.

Phillip Tanner looked good in the battle with Lance Dunbar for the no. 2 running back spot, despite word out of camp that Dunbar had the early edge.

Sixth-round pick DeVonte Holloman had the highlight of the night with an impressive pick-six where he showed good hands and some decent speed for a linebacker, and he also added a pair of tackles. He just might earn some time at OLB during the year.

Guys like DeMarcus Ware did not play in this game, but the new 4-3 defense looked good. Ware can be successful regardless of scheme, but the rest of the core guys on that defense looked comfortable, and made very few mental mistakes for an early preseason game with a new system in place.

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