Baltimore Ravens Rumors: Could Terrell Owens Land on the Team?

By Wola Odeniran
Terrell Owens
Gary A. Vasquez- USA TODAY Sports

This is going to be a unique season for the Baltimore Ravens. With everything between the departures, and the injuries the Ravens have sustained before the 2013 regular season even begins, many on the outside looking in would think that the Ravens might tap the water in free agency, and look for a veteran wide receiver. Could Terrell Owens be a choice?

Owens, who will be 40 years old in October, has reportedly been in talks with multiple teams, but it remains to be seen if any team in the NFL will actually sign the veteran.

“I know if he goes out there and gets a shot, he’ll make a team,” Jordan Woy noted via “We’ve talked to a lot of teams that have said he’s a great talent, we’re set as of right now, but if we have injuries, we may reach back out.”

So where does this leave the Ravens? It doesn’t mean much at this point in time. The Ravens may very well be one of the multiple teams that have contacted Owens, but it would be doing their job checking every scenario out. Despite the issues Owens had with the Ravens in 2004 when he refused to play for the team, the Ravens did check out Owens in a possible trade with the Buffalo Bills in 2010, but talks obviously broke down.

It’s still highly unlikely the Ravens go down this route. The Ravens, so far entering the 2013 season, have been moving towards the youth movement as veterans like Ed Reed and Ray Lewis have left. An argument could be made that with leaders like Lewis and Reed gone, it would be the worst time to sign Owens who has had his fair share of issues in the locker room in his career.


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