Baltimore Ravens Should Not Consider Signing Terrell Owens

By Dan Abeshouse
Terrell Owens
Joe Nicholson-USA Today Sports

Once again, I’m going to offer a counter point to my colleague Wola Odeniran. Earlier today, Wola, wrote a nice piece on the possibility of Terrell Owens joining the Baltimore Ravens. Although he didn’t come out and say it, Wola seemed to be leaning towards the Ravens not signing him.

I will be doing no leaning I’m going to straight up say that Owens is a punk and I don’t want him any where near the Ravens.

Owens actually was a member of the Ravens in 2004, for a day or two. Owens complained and said he was actually a free agent and wanted to play with the Philadelphia Eagles. Owens got his way and Ravens fans were left with nothing but contempt. Owens and the Eagles wound up going to the Super Bowl that year, a 24-21 loss to the New England Patriots.

Donovan McNabb, who was a Pro Bowl quarterback at the time, was criticized by Owens for his play late in the Super Bowl. I can only imagine what Owens would have said about Ravens quarterback Kyle Boller had he stayed in Baltimore.

Owens is and always has been a selfish adolescent jerk with severe emotional problems. When the chips are down, this guy will lash out at his teammates, coaches, publicist, whoever. I know the Ravens might be desperate for a experienced receiver with the losses of Anquan Boldin and Dennis Pitta, but I urge the Ravens not to even consider bringing this clown in. He’s more trouble than he’s worth.

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