Joe McKnight Arrest Inconsequential, Non-Factor for New York Jets' 2013 Season

By Jeremy Goldstein
Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Last week New York Jets running back Joe McKnight was arrested for a handful of trivial actions, including changing lanes without signaling and failure to produce his insurance card. Today my colleague Debby Wong wrote about how this recent development was detrimental to the team.

I say, “eh.”

USA Today reported that McKnight had bail set at 320 bucks. Woah, big spender. New Jersey is cracking down on minor violations more than Chris Christie is his snacks, that’s for sure. The bottom line here is that McKnight was initially pulled over for the failure to signal, something I will admit to doing…oh I don’t know…EVERY DAY. I mean seriously, we can all admit that we’ve swiped right or left once in a while. We’re in the New York City area, it’s just what we do. Is it any wonder, then, that McKnight wouldn’t do the same? As much as we like to criticize and berate players, they are, in fact, human and can succumb to human mistakes the same as the rest of us. Heck, I’ve made two mistakes since starting to write this article.

And then there was the issue of failing to produce an insurance card and obliging a traffic light. Is this really news? We don’t know what happened! For all we know, McKnight was sitting there at the intersection at three in the morning, with less people on the road than George Zimmerman’s welcome-back party.

Last month Aaron Hernandez was arrested for literally the worst crime imaginable: the cold-blooded killing of another human being. To react to McKnight’s arrest with similar fervor would be a disservice to society and football.

The running back has since posted bail and is back at Jets training camp. Worry OVER. Now let’s just get rid of the preseason jitters and watch some football.

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