QB Mark Sanchez Starting Preseason Week 1 Means Nothing for New York Jets

By Nick Mamary
The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

Fans may not like this, but various media reports state the New York Jets have listed Mark Sanchez as starting quarterback for their upcoming preseason debut against the Detroit Lions. Of course a battle continues between Sanchez and rookie Geno Smith. Despite the fifth-year veteran’s recent struggles it only makes sense that he tops their depth chart.

He obviously has more experience against NFL defenses. Although Sanchez’s reputation sours more every day, there was a time when New York embraced him as potential a franchise quarterback. Team success came right away with Super Bowl contention being reached. Come from behind victories also provided promise. Now fortunes have turned as turnovers mounted and mechanics were not improved.The fact is competition is still tense. ESPN says that head coach Rex Ryan plans for Smith to also play with first team members. Detroit possesses talent on defense with Nick Farley and Ndamukong Suh providing a test. If they play it would be interesting to see how each quarterback reacts when pressured.  Plenty of time remains to decide on a regular season starter.

Future exhibition games will likely offer more insight into team plans. Traditionally starters play slightly more in week two while the third contest serves as a “dress rehearsal” where extended playing time could reflect regular season depth charts.  Chances are Greg McElroy and Matt Simms only see action later in these games, and consideration for the starting job is really between Sanchez and Smith. This first-year pro offers great hope after totaling 98 collegiate touchdowns at West Virginia. Sitting a few minutes while Sanchez gets some plays does not alter the big picture.

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