New England Patriots: Who Will Be Tom Brady’s Successor?

Tom Brady

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When the New England Patriots brought in Tim Tebow this offseason, many Patriots fans scoffed at the move.

While many fans do not believe that Tebow can be an NFL starting quarterback, I believe that Tebow can thrive in the NFL under the right system. The Patriots could be that system. When he arrived, many people thought that the team had no use for him since they had Ryan Mallett as Tom Brady‘s primary backup.

I thought of the move a different way. I felt that it was a perfect fit to bring in Tebow to have him compete with Mallett for the starting quarterback job once Brady is gone. In the meantime, he would be able to learn from Brady in the hopes of perfecting his passing ability.

Let’s face it — Brady is getting older, and there will come a time when the team will want to move in a different direction. At 36-years-old, Brady’s career as a Patriot may soon be coming to an end. It has always been my opinion that the Patriots would trade Brady before his career was up, capitalizing on his trade value and therefore solidifying their roster for the next decade with draft picks.

If you look at the history of the Patriots since Bill Belichick took over the team, he has never been afraid to trade an asset, even if the team struggled initially as a result. He has traded the likes of Mike Vrabel, Richard Seymour, Lawyer Milloy, Randy Moss and Matt Cassel among others to capitalize on their value on the trade market.

Brady could be another casualty from this philosophy within the next few years, with Mallett or Tebow backing him up.

One may wonder why the Patriots would trade arguably the best quarterback of all time for unproven draft picks. The answer is simple. they could use the picks to draft players to fill other holes on the team.  They would do this in the hopes that the team would improve overall, and that the hit they would take at quarterback would only be slight.

This is the situation that unfolded for the San Francisco 49ers when they traded Joe Montana to the Kansas City Chiefs years ago, having Steve Young to replace him. While I don’t believe the backup quarterbacks on this year’s roster are Steve Young-caliber, they are more than worthy of starting and excelling if Brady were to leave.

Who do you think Brady’s successor will/should be? Tebow? Mallett? Johnny Manziel? Someone else? Feel free to leave your comments on the subject in the comments section below.

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  • jfoley

    Ryan Mallett

  • Chrissy Markley Sorace

    AJ McCarron

  • Johnny Vicars

    LMAO, what a stupid article. Brady is playing at the highest level a Qb can play….Belichick has never let someone go that he could not replace, that is why Brady is the only player still on this team from 2001. Brady is still flat out carrying this team in a lot of ways, and you cannot just replace that….the system is Brady, there is not some magical system that would make Tebow be able to throw a forward pass. Belichick is not keeping Brady around because he likes the way he looks in uniform, they still win because he is here. Without him, you are not rebuilding things without falling apart, the pats rebuild on the fly because Brady is there to carry them through it.

  • willgellman

    Johnny, I think you may have misunderstood my article a bit. I simply said that Brady is getting older and that in the next few years they may be looking to find his replacement. The fact that they could trade him (not now a few years down the road) is just speculation on my end given the players the Pats have traded in the past and the Hall of Fame Caliber QBs that have been traded in the history of the NFL. (Brett Favre, Joe Montana, Johnny Unitas, Jim Plunkett and many others.

  • thefootballexpert

    Orville Redenbacher – He acts a little corny but he can add pop to any offense.

  • jock itch

    Honestly, i can’t even troll this article. While in my heart (being a Pats fan) I would like to banish each word to the deepest level of hell for even suggesting such a scenario, i will say i did not even consider the history of QB’s traded. But still…blah. And his successor will not be anyone on this roster