New York Jets 2013 Season Preview: Miami Dolphins Win in Week 13

By Jeremy Goldstein
Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

I hate the Miami Dolphins.

That’s not to say I also don’t hate the Buffalo Bills and New England Patriots. But when it comes to Buffalo I have a kind of pity and New England a kind of respect. Or, in the great words of Russel Brand, “respect peppered with hate.” Not so for the Dolphins. I mean, their team mascot is a dolphin. Have you ever heard or seen or touched a dolphin? They’re adorable fun animals with not a care in the world. And yet they are supposed to represent a team in the NFL? Nope, I don’t think so.

But seriously, the real reason to hate the Dolphins: they’re getting better. And I for one have only enough energy to accept the beat down by New England twice a season. It is for this reason that I’m going to need some medication by the home stretch of the year, where my New York Jets face Miami twice in five weeks.

Let’s take a look at the factors for the first match-up.

Offensive Factor: Brian Hartline. Forget Mike Wallace, who will most certainly be getting blanketed by Antonio Cromartie. No, Hartline is the number two to watch for this game. Anyone who plays Fantasy Football knows there was that one game…that one game where Hartline exploded onto the scene. He is more of a threat than Vladmir Putin. Kyle Wilson will have his hands full.

Defensive Factor: Reshad Jones. Oh Jones, if only we had you on Gang Green. You are a top five safety talent who is only on the rise. Jones was just awarded a $30 million contract extension, and the organization believes him to be a player of true substance. If his upward trend continues, then no Jets receiver will be able to outpace him.

X-Factor: Dolphins’ schedule. With the exception of the San Diego Chargers in Week 11, Miami will be in a bog of tough match-ups surrounding the Jets, wading through the muddy waters to test their growing team. Not to mention the fact that their bye week is in Week 6, and they will not have any rest. The Jets will be a few weeks removed from their bye week and be fresh enough to really hit hard.

Bottom Line: This match up is going to have more bruises than Nicholas Cage’s career and will be an all out brawl. Unfortunately there can only be one winner, and Miami simply has the better team.

Miami – 28 Jets – 21

Record: 4-8

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