New York Jets QB Mark Sanchez Guarantees Playoff Berth; Who Cares?

By Josh Sippie
Richard Barnes – USA TODAY Sports

What has Mark Sanchez ever done to give any credence to any guarantees he feels he has to make? It seems like every year someone in the New York Jets‘ organization guarantees something or another. Usually, it’s Rex Ryan, who tends to eat his own words more times than not.

This time, it’s Ryan’s tattoo subject that’s making the guarantees: the sideline-hot-dog-eating quarterback Sanchez. In all likelihood, Sanchez won’t even play every game this season. It would be in the Jets’ best interest for him not too, given his penchant for not succeeding.

If the No. 1 play you are known for is the ‘Butt Fumble,’ you should probably keep your mouth shut and not make absurd guarantees.

The Jets have become more of a carnival for the NFL than a team, with their main entertainment value being how bad they are or how creatively they manage to mess things up. The butt fumble will forever live in infamy, but who can forget the play right after the Sanchez fumble, where the Jets fumbled the kickoff, and the New England Patriots ran it back for another touchdown?

The Jets are a joke, and with ringleaders like Ryan and Sanchez leading the show, they’re a really, really funny joke. As if they weren’t funny enough, now Ryan is running with the bulls in Pamplona and lining up with his special teams to run plays.

Their entertainment value is incredibly high for all the wrong reasons, so when Sanchez, who has done next to nothing with his pro career, guarantees a playoff berth, the only logical response is to laugh and wait for another lackluster season, getting dominated by the Patriots.

The only question remaining is how long Ryan will allow his beloved quarterback to continue taking snaps while he takes the team nowhere fast.

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