Philadelphia Eagles: Is Michael Vick Running Away With The Starting Quarterback Job?

By Sonny Bryan
Michael Vick
Howard Smith- USA TODAY Sports

As the second day of the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots joint practice comes to a close, we can get a better grasp of who stood out at camp.

A lot players have shown potential, yet many seem to be lost when they hit the field. The most stressful and anticipated competition battle is obviously at quarterback. With Michael Vick and Nick Foles fighting for the job, it seems like they are neck and neck. There are days when Vick outperforms Foles, but than there are days where Foles shines and Vick crumbles. The one thing I will say about these two guys is that they will battle to the end. They’re warriors and anything less than starting is unacceptable. Even though they are neck and neck, I believe Vick has the upper hand on this quarterback battle so far.

Vick has had his good days and his bad days just like every other player on the field, but he has shown flashes of improvement. Now I’m not going to buy into this until I see him on the field because we’ve heard this before from the previous training camps, and Vick has been disappointing throughout the past two seasons. Yet the Eagles have a new offense under Chip Kelly that Vick seems very comfortable in.

I also think Kelly feels he can be more creative in designing with Vick at quarterback rather than Foles. Now that doesn’t mean Vick should get the nod. If he shows in the preseason that he is still struggling to take care of the football and reading defenses than Foles may be the Eagles best option. Foles has also shown flashes of improvement and is definitely giving Vick a run for his money. The number of reps and the statistics on both quarterbacks have been strikingly similar and show that Foles can play in this offense. Kelly probably didn’t think he was going to have this tough of a decision at naming a quarterback prior to camp, but he is stuck in a tough spot.

Now we are going to have to see at least three preseason games, in my opinion, to see who will be the week one starter. However, right now it seems like Kelly is slowly leaning towards Vick at this point, but don’t be surprised if that changes.

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