Should Green Bay Packers Take Chance on Terrell Owens?

By Michael Terrill
Should Green Bay Packers Take Chance on Terrell Owens
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There are multiple organizations reportedly interested in signing wide receiver Terrell Owens. Whether Owens is capable of helping a team contend is certainly up for discussion. With that being said, the veteran will most likely sign with the franchise that has the best chance of going the distance. Should the Green Bay Packers be the team that gives Owens another opportunity in the NFL?

It certainly is not in general manager Ted Thompson’s nature to take chances on veterans who have proved to be problems in the past. However, Thompson did recently sign quarterback Vince Young to compete for a backup job behind Aaron Rodgers. Not to mention, Thompson understands the importance of changing his ways a bit in order to give the Packers the best chance to win another Super Bowl.

I am not saying signing Owens will give Green Bay the edge they need. With that being said, I am saying it is something they should definitely consider.

Wide receiver Jordy Nelson could miss up to six weeks after undergoing surgery on his knee. The hope is that he will be ready for Week 1, but no one is saying that he will be for sure. Randall Cobb suffered a biceps injury on Tuesday with the severity still unknown. Not to mention, he has dropped his fair share of balls in the first week of training camp.

Signing Owens to compete for the fourth or fifth wide receiver job is certainly something worth thinking about. The obvious concern would be that he could complain about playing time and not seeing enough passes. Green Bay’s offense is one in which Rodgers throws to the open receiver. He does not play favorites and he will most definitely not give someone the ball because they feel they need it.

It is more likely that Owens would not make a big deal about playing time. In fact, he would be happy for the opportunity to catch passes from the best signal caller in the game. Not to mention, he would be thrilled with the realistic possibility of finally getting a ring.

I understand most fans in Green Bay would be baffled by the idea of the Packers signing Owens. He has ruined too many locker rooms and the fans do not want to see that happen to their team. However, Green Bay is a franchise that can keep those types of players under control. No one wants to be the guy who disrespects the hallowed ground that legend Vince Lombardi coached on.

The biggest concern should be if Owens could still play at a high level. It certainly would not hurt to at least give him a tryout.

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