Beat-Up Green Bay Packers Ready to Beat Up Real Opponent

By Julian Rogers
Packers Training Camp 2013
Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

The Green Bay Packers made some news this week with the “chippy-ness” of their practices. Several skirmishes broke out during team drills that had to be separated by hordes of rushing players by both sides and coaches alike. Former all-world outside linebacker and current linebackers coach for the Packers, Kevin Greene, showed off some MMA-like hand-fighting moves as he defended himself and his players from an irate Greg Van Roten.

In other words, training camp is proceeding as one would expect.

“If we’re doing it against guys we like and we play cards with and we go out with, imagine what we’ll do against people who we don’t like,” said Packers defensive lineman Mike Daniels. “I’m looking forward to Friday. It was a very good sign.”

By referencing Friday, Daniels is talking about the Packers’ first preseason contest against the Arizona Cardinals at Lambeau Field on Friday evening.

That the Packers made news with their practice skirmishes in part due to the fact that both the Packers and the media may be searching for some narrative other than the spate of injuries they’re suffering. The recent run of serious to season-ending injuries to key players has shone an unwelcome spotlight on the Packers. A little bad blood among brothers may be just what they need to overcome the bad karma they’re fighting through.

So long as nobody gets hurt during one of these training camp fights.

Aaron Rodgers added, “It’s part of camp. Some people like it more than others. I’d rather not have our guys punching each other. Hopefully that nonsense is done with. We’re excited about moving on to face somebody else.”

Head coach Mike McCarthy had this to say about the Packers’ pugilistic tendencies, “I think if you look at this week, historically, it’s time to go play against somebody else.”

Fortunately for the wound-up Packers, they will get that chance in one more day.

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