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How 10 Different NFL Head Coaches, Fan Bases Would’ve Handled Riley Cooper Saga

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10 Different NFL Head Coaches, Fan Bases and How They Would've Treated Riley Cooper

10 Different NFL Head Coaches, Fan Bases and How They Would've Treated Riley Cooper
Steve Mitchell - USA TODAY SPORTS

The Riley Cooper incident didn't go unnoticed by the Philadelphia Eagles' faithful. However, the Eagles' management handled it perfectly and I can think of a few NFL teams that would've totally botched the entire situation. Luckily, Philadelphia was led by battle-tested quarterback Michael Vick, who has been in the doghouse a time or two and kind of knows what Cooper is feeling.

Either way, the NFL is full of criminals, wife beaters and the like, which means they all can attest to making rather idiotic mistakes.

Now, this list obviously wasn't comprised to poke fun at racism. Instead, I took an honest look at which NFL teams would've handled Cooper's rampage poorly and which ones would have given their entire organization a bad name while dealing with such an awful action.

In case you didn't know, the NFL currently only has four minority head coaches roaming the sidelines on a weekly basis. In addition, the six first-time coaches who were hired by NFL teams this offseason were all Caucasian.

Cooper's charade at a Kenny Chesney concert opened all of our eyes to his obviously impaired thought process, yet there are so many other athletes who have kept their agendas closer to home.

On that note, here's a list of 10 NFL teams and a quick synopsis on how they would've reacted if Cooper was on their team when he was caught on tape using the N-word in a violent manner.

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No. 10: Arizona Cardinals

No. 10 Arizona Cardinals
John Geliebter - USA TODAY SPORTS

Larry Fitzgerald is the epitome of class in terms of NFL players, so he surely would have had a few great quotes regarding Cooper's apparent racism. Not to mention, Bruce Arians is a first-year head coach just like Chip Kelly, so the Arizona Cardinals' fans would have put Arians on the hot seat if he didn't correctly punish Cooper. Arizona has a ton of leadership on the field, yet it would have been interesting to see how Tyrann Mathieu responded to the incident for sure.

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No. 9: Dallas Cowboys

No. 9: Dallas Cowboys
Matthew Emmons - USA TODAY SPORTS

Although the "America's team" label has been fading for quite some time, Cooper would have definitely put the Dallas Cowboys in a heap of trouble. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is already seen as a bigot by many, so his punishment towards Cooper would have been noteworthy to say the least. Tony Romo is always at the forefront of drama, which means he surely would stick his nose in the Cooper saga if he had the chance.

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No. 8: Oakland Raiders

No. 8: Oakland Raiders
Christopher Hanewinckel - USA TODAY SPORTS

Oh boy.

Oakland Raiders fanatics are some of the most brutal fans in sports. However, the question I'm asking is if would they turn on Cooper, because if Raiders nation hates you then your life is all but over. In addition, the Raiders' organization is notorious for taking the most moronic route possible, so who knows how the Black and Silver would've responded?

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No. 7: Minnesota Vikings

No. 7: Minnesota Vikings
Bruce Kluckhohn - USA TODAY SPORTS

Adrian Peterson isn't one of the best players in the NFL...he's the best. Therefore, it would've been compelling to see how AD fielded Cooper-related questions on a daily basis. Also, Leslie Frazier is responsible for leading this Vikings team and is also African American, which makes his take on Cooper's foolish act all the more interesting. Similar to the Raiders avid following, the Vikings also have rather ferocious fan base.

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No. 6: New York Jets

No. 6: New York Jets
Richard Barnes - USA TODAY SPORTS

Rex Ryan isn't one of worst head coaches in the NFL...he's the worst. Moreover, the New York Jets would have definitely found a way to make the Cooper drama twice as bad as the Eagles did. Do you remember how the entire world reacted when Tim Tebow wound up playing for Gang Green? Well, take that hype and multiply it by 10, because that's the kind of madness you would have if Cooper's gaff came while he was a member of the Jets.

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No. 5: Baltimore Ravens

No. 5: Baltimore Ravens
Robert Deutsch - USA TODAY SPORTS

If I were a member of the Baltimore Ravens' front office, I would call Ray Lewis and beg him to un-retire for the day. Then, I would proceed to lock Cooper and Lewis in a room for the entire afternoon -- my version of "sensitivity training." Fresh off of a Super Bowl XLVII victory, Ravens fans don't want some fool like Cooper take control of the spotlight that Baltimore earned on the field. This surely is a situation where the Ravens would benefit from having a spiritual leader like Lewis still on the roster.

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No. 4: Cincinnati Bengals

No. 4: Cincinnati Bengals

Riley Cooper on the HBO TV series "Hard Knocks" would have been awesome to watch. Seeing Cooper have to get in front of the camera every single day is bad enough, but seeing him sweat on a TV show is a great punishment! Also, Marvin Lewis would have had something to say to Cooper as the African American head coach has been with the Bengals for the last 10 years and has handled a few knuckleheads -- do Terrell Owens and Chad Johnson ring a bell?

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No. 3: New England Patriots

No. 3: New England Patriots

What I would give to see Bill Belichick squirm twice in one offseason! The "Hoodie" looked like he was about to kill himself during the Aaron Hernandez press conference, so who knows what the New England Patriots' fearless leader would have done amid the Cooper mess. Naturally, a moron contest between Hernandez and Cooper would ensue as the folks in Foxborough are probably already arguing about which player is the bigger idiot

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No. 2: Cleveland Browns

No. 2: Cleveland Browns
David Richard - USA TODAY SPORTS

Despite Cooper's permanent stay in the NFL's doghouse, he wouldn't even be welcomed in the "Dogpound." With first-time head coach Rob Chudzinski at the helm, I'm sure the Cleveland Browns would've managed to make themselves look bad after the Cooper video surfaced. Hey -- at least the folks in Cleveland would have someone to hate more than LeBron James!

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No. 1: Pittsburgh Steelers

No. 1 Pittsburgh Steelers
Vincent Pugliese - USA TODAY SPORTS

Mike Tomlin is one of only three African American head coaches in the NFL. The Pittsburgh Steelers have always been a no-nonsense type of organization, so Cooper's time with the Steel Curtain would have surely been short lived. Not to mention, Steelers president Art Rooney II has advocated for NFL teams to give minority head coaches more of a chance.