New Orleans Saints Wide Receiver Joe Morgan’s Injury Nobody’s Fault

By Michael Terrill
New Orleans Saints Wide Receiver Joe Morgan’s Injury Nobody’s Fault
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The New Orleans Saints suffered a huge loss after they got the news that wide receiver Joe Morgan will miss the entire 2013 NFL season with a torn ACL and torn meniscus. As bad as the injury is, Morgan does not want the loyal fan base crucifying defensive back Kenny Vaccaro for being the one who made the tackle.

“Don’t blame @KennyVaccaro4 It was a routine tackle. I admire how feisty a player he is too. He’s going be great for us,” Morgan tweeted this past weekend.

Morgan’s teammates were quick to back up his statement because they understand the game is played a certain way and Vaccaro was only doing his job.

“Look, you love having that guy (Vaccaro) on your team,” right tackle Zach Strief said, according to “Do we feel like he’s too physical sometimes in practice? Sure. But we feel the same way about some D-linemen and some linebackers, and they feel the same way about us.

“Kenny is who he is and I’m glad he’s on the team, and I certainly wish that Joe was still with us, but it’s part of the game. I would never watch a guy make a legitimate football play and have someone get hurt and say, ‘It’s your fault.”’

There were certainly big expectations for Morgan in 2013 as he was supposed to be a big contributor on offense. Hopefully, the Saints will be able to figure out a way around not having him on the gridiron. The good news is Drew Brees is a good enough quarterback to put the lesser-known wide receivers in a solid position to make a play.

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