Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Michael Vick Could Have Resurgence in Chip Kelly's Offense

By Ryan Wenzell
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Preseason game number one should offer a glimpse as to what Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick‘s capabilities are in a Chip Kelly run offense. Vick was announced as the starter for the first preseason game, although this doesn’t necessarily mean he will start in Week 1 as according to Kelly it was Vick’s turn in the rotation to start as fellow quarterback and second year man Nick Foles will start in the second preseason game.

For Eagles fan it will be the first time Coach Kelly’s uptempo, frenetic paced offense will be unveiled in earnest. Kelly, however, may be vanilla in his play calling and potential read option looks especially with Vick in as to not show too many of his cards before the regular season.

The preseason games, however, will be more important than ever as Kelly has repeatedly stated the games will be of the utmost importance in regards to who wins the quarterback job. This may put added pressure on both Vick and Foles in what is an otherwise meaningless exhibition game, but whoever handles the pressure and bright lights the best, moves the ball down the field, and scores will be well on their way to winning the job.

In my opinion, even though Vick has struggled the past few seasons, he offers Kelly the best chance to win in his first season as he fits this offense to a tee. Kelly’s offense at Oregon relied heavily on a mobile read option type of quarterback, and when Vick is healthy no other quarterback on the roster comes close to him in terms of athleticism or arm strength.

I believe Vick’s physical tools and veteran experience will not be overlooked by Kelly as he looks to fully implement his offense in the league. Vick and Kelly’s first test will be tomorrow night against legendary head coach Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots. Get ready for some football.

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