Robert Griffin III Shows Beatbox Skills In Documentary "The Will To Win" Airing Later This Month

By Dave Daniels
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Received news from Gatorade today that there will be a documentary airing on August 27th about Robert Griffin III and his incredible journey last year; it is titled “RGIII: The Will to Win”.

It will apparently be divided into six full acts. It begins with Robert’s spectacular rookie season, his knee injury in Washington’s final game of the playoffs in January, his rehabilitation and more personal off-the-field moments. Griffin is also an executive producer on the project which shows some business acumen on his part. He took footage using a self-camera that will be part of the film. His beatboxing is truly impressive and if playing quarterback doesn’t work out then maybe he has a future as a DJ. Check out Griffin’s beat boxing here, and the arrangement of it is pretty hypnotically awesome in my opinion. Then again this is a self admitted Washington Redskins fan, so take that with a grain of salt I guess.

There will be more sneak peaks of this documentary in the coming weeks as well, so stay tuned in folks. Gatorade Productions is producing the film in partnership with NFL Films and ESPN. It is a one-hour documentary special, which will air on ESPN Tuesday, August 27th at 7 p.m. ET.

Griffin captivated me last year and though my worry about his health remains pretty constant that does not mean I’m any less excited to see him on the field. This will just have to tide us over until then.

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