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Chicago Bears Preseason: Jay Cutler Must Produce Against Carolina Panthers

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Jay Cutler

Jerry Lai USA Today Sports

In the midst of a preseason in which the Chicago Bears organization decided to go in a bold new direction and hire a head coach in Marc Trestman, who is considered by many to have a sound offensive mind, the attention has suddenly shifted from the tried-and-true defense excellence to the offense.

The Bears haven’t been a team synonymous with the phrase “offensive explosion”. With the Bears’ first preseason game tonight vs. the Carolina Panthers, all the speculations of the true nature of the Bears’ offensive will be put on display for an audience larger than training camp media members, die-hard Bears fans and coaches.

One player that needs to prove his worth above all others is Jay Cutler, who is in a contract year. Having to play this season in the midst of learning his fourth offensive system in five seasons in Chicago, it would be great if Cutler came out on fire tonight.

However, just keeping Cutler upright for the few series he figures to play would be a win. Also, this preseason game would also be a good time to work out whatever kinks and timing issues that have come up time and again during training camp between Cutler and the receiving corps.

Trestman’s system containing more verbiage than some of the schemes that Cutler and company have executed over the past few seasons. For a few veteran Bears players, this first preseason game won’t amount to more than a drop of water in Lake Michigan, but for a potential franchise player such as Cutler, this first game will go a long way towards either cementing his place on the team or his departure.

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