New York Jets Should Cut Mike Goodson And Joe McKnight

By Steven Carollo
Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

The carousel is still spinning for the New York Jets with no signs of slowing down. First, running back Mike Goodson got arrested back in May for drug and gun possession, and now running back Joe McKnight was arrested last week for outstanding traffic warrants.

Are you kidding me? What’s next, Chris Ivory gets arrested for speeding?

What are these guys thinking, and what is in the water that these Jets running backs are consuming? Actually, they might not be having enough water in their diets. When is it time for the Jets to say enough? Almost any other football team in the NFL would release a player for doing something illegal off the field, but the Jets just love to let these guys hang around. Why? For more attention?

I do not want to hear any Jets fans, or football fans in general, saying “oh poor Jets, they can never catch a break”. The Jets’ ownership, front office and coaching staff does this to themselves. The type of players they bring in year after year just do not cut it and they seem to never learn. When will it be the Jets’ fault and not just these players, who most likely would not be in the NFL if the Jets didn’t sign them?

If the Jets want to actually do something right for a change, they should cut both McKnight and Goodson. The Jets have way too many overrated running backs as is, and they don’t need anymore media attention than they already get.

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