How Serious is Tampa Bay Buccaneers Running Back Peyton Hillis’ Injury?

By Michael Terrill
How Serious is Tampa Bay Buccaneers Running Back Peyton Hillis’ Injury
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

There was certainly some concern when Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back Peyton Hillis was forced to leave Thursday night’s preseason opener in the third quarter against the Baltimore Ravens with a knee injury. However, it has been reported that the hyperextended knee is not as serious as some had originally thought.

Obviously, this is great news for the Buccaneers, especially since the injury looked far worse when it initially occurred.

The Buccaneers are hoping Hillis can be a top-tier backup to starting running back Doug Martin. There is no question Hillis would make a solid one-two punch with Martin as long as he can stay healthy.

Hillis suffered the injury after Ravens cornerback Asa Jackson’s helmet connected with his knee. It was a painful sight as Hillis fumbled the football and clutched his leg. The good news is he did not need help leaving the field and was seen limping under his own power to the locker room.

Head coach Greg Schiano was certainly disappointed after the game. Not only was Tampa Bay thoroughly embarrassed by Baltimore, but also the coach understands how important Hillis is to the football team in 2013.

“That’s a shame,” Schiano said after the game and before he knew Hillis’ diagnosis, according to “He and Brian Leonard really did a nice job. We’re looking for that depth behind Doug, so that’s a positive. But let’s hope he’s well.”

Hopefully, Hillis will not miss much time so that he can continue competing with Leonard for the backup job.

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