Will Blaine Gabbert Be Starting QB For Jacksonville Jaguars in 2013?

By jessehellard
Blaine Gabbert
Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

Many fans believe the Jacksonville Jaguars QB of the future is not on the team today. Blaine Gabbert, entering his third season as Jacksonville’s QB, has yet to give fans a reason to believe he can be a franchise quarterback. In fairness to Gabbert, he has had three different coaches, and had to learn three different systems in three years in the NFL.

Chad Henne has shown Jacksonville fans the same things on the field that frustrated Miami Dolphins fans for four seasons. At times, Henne has looked like he could be the long-term solution to Jacksonville’s QB dilemma; other times, he has looked like a guy who should be third string at best.

Who will play QB for Jacksonville in 2013? I believe Gabbert should be the starter for Jacksonville this season, and will be named the starter. Fans have seen enough of Henne to know that he is just a guy, not “the guy.” With expectations being low for Jacksonville, I say give Gabbert this season to prove if he can play. If Gabbert shows something they can build on, good. If he stinks it up like he has in the past, Jacksonville will know they need to find a new QB.

Jacksonville is expected to improve from a 2-14 record last season. Jacksonville was not even competitive in many games, losing by more than double digits eight times. Even though Jacksonville is expected to improve, expectations are still low. I say give Gabbert this season to see what he can do with a solid offensive line and Maurice Jones-Drew in the backfield.

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