Atlanta Falcons New Stadium: Is the South Site Feasible Again?

By Leigh Allen
Atlanta Falcons Stadium Update 081113
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The typical modern soap opera has nothing on the tale that has become the journey to the Atlanta Falcons’ new stadium.

The ink was barely dry on the announcement that the south site was out of contention to be the new stadium’s home when Atlanta mayor Kasim Reed announced that an agreement was reached with Friendship Baptist Church to acquire the land the church currently occupies. The agreement, however, is only in principle. The proposal still has to pass muster with the congregation of Friendship via majority vote, and that has yet to come to pass.

Decisions, decisions.

If the agreement with Friendship does make the cut, all eyes will then turn back to the currently-stagnated negotiations with Mount Vernon Baptist Church. Reed has yet to speak with anyone at Mount Vernon, but he plans to change that soon. That’s quite an oversight, considering what’s at stake. If Reed wants this deal done, ‘soon’ had better take on the urgency of ‘needed it done yesterday.’ A feasibility study is being initiated to investigate the north site; this will be (even more) money down the drain if the south site is, in fact, still a viable contender.

At this point, all parties need to step back and get their ducks in a row before continuing any further. Stop wasting time and money on the ‘what if’s’ and the ‘maybe’s.’ Get all parties on board with the same ideas, heading in the same direction and working toward a common site (if not the common good).


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