Atlanta Falcons: The Desmond Trufant Disappointment?

By Leigh Allen
Atlanta Falcons Desmond Trufant Disappointment
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There’s been a lot of talk since the Atlanta Falcons’ loss Thursday night, and a lot of it revolves around rookie cornerback Desmond Trufant.

The big question is, was his debut a disappointment for the Falcons and fans?

First things first, Trufant is a rookie. There was a fair share of fans who thought that, with the hype since the draft, he should have come out to the field and immediately proven himself as a starter. Even I thought he would do better than what he did. However, let the broken record continue to play: it’s the preseason. It was game one of the preseason.

Fellow rookie cornerback Robert Alford did indeed make a better showing than Trufant Thursday night, but that doesn’t mean he’ll continue to do so. One game doesn’t mean Trufant is a failure or a disappointment. Could the pressure of making his debut under the hype have affected him? Possibly, but let’s hope not. If that were the case—and I don’t think it is—that’s going to be a lot for him to overcome.

Trufant also didn’t get a lot of playing time, and he did struggle in the limited time he was given. Does that make Alford a lock to move above and beyond? Absolutely not. The bottom line is the competition between these two will keep spurring them both in the right direction. Trufant’s debut wasn’t anything to write home about, but he’s only just begun.

Preseason. One game. Desmond Trufant wasn’t and will not in the future be a disappointment for the Atlanta Falcons.


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