Houston Texans: Roc Carmichael Finds Himself on the Bubble

By Mike Kerns
Brace Hemmelgarn – USA TODAY Sports

There are several things that are a certainty in the NFL preseason. There are going to be missed tackles, blown coverage and lots of overreaction from every fan base. If it isn’t how this one undrafted guy is a hidden superstar, it is how this one bad play should determine the NFL future for a player. In the case of Roc Carmichael, he finds himself on the latter end of that argument.

On a blown play in the preseason opener, Carmichael found himself on the receiving end of a big gain for the Minnesota Vikings offense that went for 56 yards, and would have went for six if not for the speed of Brice McCain. Almost immediately, Houston Texans fans have found their new whipping boy since they can’t pick on Kareem Jackson anymore.

In most cases, this is just something to roll your eyes at and write off to fan emotion, but Carmichael entering year no. 3 makes things like this just a little more relevant. Let me preface this statement by saying that I do not think Carmichael should be cut due to this one play. That’s just a foolish way of thinking, but I do think that he shouldn’t have a lock on a roster spot if he gets outplayed by others.

This team has reached a point that no one should make the roster based off of their draft status. Regardless of Carmichael being a fourth-round pick just two seasons ago, he should find himself on the bubble this preseason.

Most fans want to bring up that Brandon Harris, who was taken in the same draft as Carmichael, should be given the same treatment and I’m not disagreeing. I’m a big believer of “you can’t make the club from the tub” and there always seems to be some reason that Harris isn’t playing, but at least he has shown some flashes on the field, unlike Carmichael.

Carmichael basically was a rookie last season after spending his first year on the injured reserve. He only saw the field in 2012 after the injuries on that side of the ball began to really mount up, and he understandably looked lost on the field. But missing his rookie season can’t be an excuse for him to get a pass and get his roster spot over potentially more deserving players, regardless of how he plays in the preseason.

With some young, hungry corners on the roster fighting and clawing for a roster spot, this could be the last chance for Carmichael. No one on the coaching staff is going to be ready to cut him based off of that one play. However, if he gives up another big one like that, things could be looking quite grim for his chances to be on the final 53-man roster.

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