How Should Fans Feel About Ryan Longwell Retiring as a Green Bay Packer?

By Michael Terrill
How Should Fans Feel About Ryan Longwell Retiring as a Green Bay Packer
Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Green Bay Packers former kicker Ryan Longwell has decided to hang up his cleats after the Minnesota Vikings released him last year. The 15-year veteran has decided it is only right for him to retire as a member of the Packers. However, how should fans feel about this after he famously dissed Green Bay on more than one occasion?

Longwell played for the Packers from 1997-2005. He currently holds the franchise records for field goals attempted (277), field goal percentage (81.6 percent) and most points (1,054).

Even though he played for the team’s rival for six seasons, the fact that he spent more time in Green Bay has clearly been taken into consideration. Longwell played for the Packers for nine seasons where as he suited up for the Vikings for six. Not to mention, if one has the opportunity to retire as a Packer, the organization with the most history of all the NFL franchises, they should take it. The fact is Longwell clearly wants this. Otherwise, he never would have reached out to the organization.

With that being said, there are definitely mixed emotions among the fan base. Longwell has criticized Green Bay as being a boring town with the most entertaining thing to do is eat at Applebee’s. He also played a part in convincing former Packers players to play for the Vikings, including legendary quarterback Brett Favre.

For the most part, fans seem to be rather content with Longwell’s decision. Personally, I will happily accept him back into the family. There is no question he is the franchise’s greatest kicker, which means he deserves to retire with the team, especially if that is what he wants.

At the rate Mason Crosby’s career has been falling, the Packers might actually need Longwell to come out of retirement for one season.

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