Tim Tebow Best Option At Backup Quarterback For New England Patriots

By Ben Sullivan

When the New England Patriots signed Tim Tebow they knew they were getting one of the most polarizing players the NFL has seen in a long time.

At times he looks like he can’t complete the simplest of passes, yet we’ve seen that he can win games.

So heading into the first preseason game the team, the fans and really anyone who has ever even heard of the NFL, had their eyes glued on Tebow and how he would perform in a New England uniform.

Well, he was alright. Or he was terrible, it really depends on who you ask.

Some saw the Tebow that missed badly on many of his throws, some saw the Tebow that extended plays and moved the team down the field.

Tebow is like a Rorschach test, you see what you want to see when you look at him.

Well, what I saw was a guy who struggles when you put him in a traditional NFL offense.

We know he can’t make the kind of throws that most NFL quarterbacks make, we know that he can’t make big plays if he gets into third or second and long situations, but we also know that if you tailor your offense to him you can be successful.

And that’s why he should be the backup quarterback for the Patriots this season.

If Tom Brady goes down for a short time, like say he just can’t finish a game, they should bring Ryan Mallett in. Mallett is better suited to take over a game plan made for Brady, if you bring Tebow in he’s not going to be successful there.

But, if you need a quarterback to start multiple games and get your team wins,  Tebow is the guy to go with. Sure, you have to plan the game differently, but we know he can win if you do.

Tebow may not even make the team, performances like he had Friday night certainly don’t help his cause, but the team should realize they don’t have one good option at backup quarterback so they should keep both options they have and use them based on the situation.

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