Dallas Cowboys Are Technically Still America's Team

By Andrew Fisher
Jerry Jones
Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Love them or hate them, the Dallas Cowboys have the most engaged fan base in the NFL. That’s according to TicketCity.com who did a recent study using several factors including: average home attendance, attendance to capacity ratio and even social media data.

One could also conclude from the study that the Cowboys are still indeed America’s team. They have the most Facebook likes (5,418,737) and the second most Twitter followers (588,788). Technically, they’re the most popular team according to the best measuring stick we have. The Cowboys also fill their stadium each and every week better than any other team in the league.

The product on the field in Big-D has been marginal for years, but Jerry Jones sure knows how to a run a business. You can say what you want about his General Manager skills, but the man has him self a money-making machine with the Cowboys.

I think the problem is that many people hate the term ‘America’s Team.’ But some team technically has to be in that role, right? If you’re just looking at the numbers and you take your feelings out of it, the Cowboys still are that team.

There’s more talent spread across the league than there’s ever been before and there’s definitely more fans that watch each and every Sunday. It might feel different, but 18 years later, the Cowboys still have more fans than any other team. I don’t get it or understand it, but numbers don’t lie.

The Dallas Cowboys are the most popular team and they have the most engaged fan base (with evidence to back it all up). You may not like it, but America’s Team still resides in Big-D.

Check out the full survey results from TicketCity ——-> HERE.


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