David Wilson Dodging the Tom Coughlin Doghouse, Making Impact for New York Giants

By Thomas Emerick
Jim O’Connor-USA TODAY Sports

When David Wilson‘s 2013 prospects are debated you will often hear the phrase “Coughlin’s doghouse” along with “Andre Brown stealing carries” — this is in reference to Wilson fumbling to open his rookie season in 2012 before New York Giants Coach Tom Coughlin, as he’s done throughout his coaching career, punished the young back for such an egregious error. The lack of offensive looks Wilson would receive continued late into the season, even during the times Eli Manning was slumping, Hakeem Nicks stiff and Wilson the only player producing consistently on opportunity.

Well in an ironic twist of fate, it was Brown who fumbled during the Giants’ first preseason game of 2013, landing immediately in Coughlin’s doghouse. Meanwhile, Wilson made some strides and also a huge mistake in the other area of his game that’s kept him off the field: pass blocking.

“(Wilson) had a couple — he had one very good cut block where he stepped up and took the blitzing linebacker on,” Coughlin said in a Sunday media conference call. “He tried to do the same and the linebacker stepped over him one time too. So he has to learn that you don’t cut people at the feet of the quarterback, that’s not going to accomplish anything. If you step up and pick up the slack and you’re far enough away from the quarterback you can use it as a change up, but you’re going to have to stand in there. So he’ll learn that.”

This was presumably the play that led to Wilson being chewed out on the sideline on national television, though in 2013 that is a far less damning occurrence for Wilson’s immediate outlook. The second-year running back has already proved himself with the numbers — Pro Football Focus editor Mike Clay has noted Wilson led all players in fantasy points per opportunity — and in 2013 he should only get more chances on offense. New York’s coaching staff must know he is the most electric force they have.

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