New York Giants May Still Have Red Zone Issues

By Andrew Lecointe
Jason Bridge — USA Today Sports

New York Giants’ QB Eli Manning only completed two of his five pass attempts in the team’s first preseason game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. In the two completions, the offense looked good as WR Victor Cruz was able to turn one of them into a touchdown. However, the incompletions were not something that should be swept under the rug.

The Giants started a possession in the red zone after DE Damontre Moore blocked a punt which was recovered by WR Louis Murphy. The Giants were in a good spot to work on their red-zone offense, which was somewhat of a problem last year. A couple of incomplete passes resulted in the Giants only getting three points out of that possession.

The offense wasn’t as potent as it was in their championship season mainly because they didn’t seize red zone opportunities. Kicking a field goal is solid because you’re coming away with points, but seven points is always better than three. If the Giants want to win more than nine games, they’ll need to score touchdowns more often.

I’ve stated before that the Giants and offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride should consider going to a no-huddle look at least half of the game. There are legit concerns with going with that approach which is probably making them hesitant about it. One of those concerns would be the Giants’ offensive line, which is not young and could see its effectiveness diminished by this type of approach.

The Giants have young talent everywhere else, so it’ll be enjoyable for those position players. If ever the Giants should go to a no-huddle offense, they should do it when they’re in the red zone since they are having a hard time punching it in. We’ll see what other opportunities the Giants are presented with in the other three preseason games.

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